The CPF promotes initiatives to help in safety awareness. Material is produced regularly on safety matters such as the safety tips leaflet provided here.  Other issues that have been addressed in this way include Theft out of Motor Vehicles (TOOMV); giving responsibly to street people and Remote Jamming of car locks. If you have any ideas as to issues to address please let us know via the feedback form click here

One of the major projects during the year is the annual fundraiser for CPF funds. This has recently taken the form of a gala dinner held in late spring. These funds are used to support the salary of a dedicated field worker helping the homeless in our community. Numerous people have been helped off the street, reunited with families or into various programmes for their well-being. Without this work our community would see more suffering and anti-social behaviour. Residents and businesses can help by taking tables are the fundraiser or providing regular donations. Watch out for details.