There are numerous ways for you to be involved.

  • Being eyes and ears in the community is the most helpful – being observant and reporting suspicious behaviour. SAPS and other organisations can’t be everywhere all of the time
  • Make sure your community is looked after. A well-cared for community attracts less crime. SO report the broken street lamp for example – the city’s website has a section called Service Requests where issues needing attention can be reported. The link to this is or you can contact the call centre on 0860 103 089.  Water issues can be sent via SMS to 31220 and electricity problems by SMS to 31373
  • Get to know your neighbours – work together in looking after your locale – know who your neighbours are and having their contact details so you can share information and look after each other
  • Attend the SAPS monthly meetings for residents or join your Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Support the CPF’s fund raising initiatives – especially that for the field worker. The banking details are Sea Point CPF; Standard Bank Sea Point – 024109; Account 071033807.
  • AND above all report crimes to SAPS – incidents going unreported prevent SAPS knowing the extent of issues in our area. Knowledge makes sure problem hotspots can be identified and tackled.