SAPS is the prime policing force for South Africa and takes the lead in safety, security and crimes issues.

Lt Col Mouton is the Station Commander at Sea Point SAPS.

Lt Col Mouton Sea Point Station Commander

She has over 27 years experience with SAPS starting her career in 1993.  She has worked in Simon’s Town, Fish Hoek, Muizenberg, the Rondebosch VIP Unit and prior to joining Sea Point, Pinelands.
She encourages residents to report all incidents of crime so that an accurate picture of criminal activity is recorded and appropriate measures taken to address it.  She welcomes feedback from the community about any matter regarding SAPS within the Precinct.  Her email is

The Sea Point SAPS station is located at Bay Road/Bill Peters Drive and is open 24/7. The main switchboard number is 021 430 3700. To manage the area more effectively and to meet their responsibility the SAPS area is broken down into Sectors to provide local management and visibility within our community.

Each sector is headed by a Sector Manager – see below.

Every month (except January) the Sector Managers meet with local residents at a joint meeting. These meetings are open to all residing within the Sectors and are chaired by one of the local residents. They provide a regular opportunity for residents to engage with SAPS and fellow community members as well as raise and address issues together.
The monthly meeting is held on the Wednesday before the full CPF meeting in the Board Room of the Sea Point SAPS station at 18.00.

SAPS Sea Point has three Sectors. They are as follows – Sector 1 – Green Point and Moullie Point; Sector 2 – Upper Sea Point and Fresnaye; and Sector 3 – Lower Sea Point and Bantry Bay.

There are two Sector Managers – Sgt Balie to manage Sector 1 and Sgt Pretorius to manage Sectors 2/3. Their respective email addresses are and


Sector 1 – Greenpoint and Moullie Point

The sector starts from Boundary Road and runs as far as Glengariff Road.

This includes the residential areas of Green Point and the sea-facing apartment blocks of Moullie Point as well as Somerset Hospital, the Cape Town Urban Park and the Cape Town Stadium. The area is patrolled by a SAPS sector vehicle which has a dedicated cell number – 082 378 7553.

Sector 2 – Upper Sea Point and Fresnaye


This sector starts from Glengariff Road and runs above Main Road / Kloof Roads through Upper Sea Point and Fresnaye.

This is primarily residential with a mix of individual houses and apartment blocks but also includes schools and guest houses. The SAPS sector vehicle for this area can be contacted on 082 411 2494.

Sector 3 – Lower Sea Point and Bantry Bay

The sector starts from Glengariff Road and includes Main and Kloof Road through Sea Point and Bantry Bay as well as the side streets running down to Beach Road and the ocean.

It comprises some individual homes but is primarily the commercial heart of the area with numerous shopping malls, restaurants and hotels as well as some of the most densely populated apartment blocks in Cape Town. The sector vehicle can be contacted on 082 411 2486.